Christine Shank

Coming of Age

Through the media of photography, video, sound, and projection, I construct environments that physically and visually encompass the viewer. It is within these spaces that viewers are invited to examine and question their own constructs of identity, standards of beauty and the memories of self-examination and acceptance required to grow up and into one’s self. The works simultaneously convey both the uncomfortable and empowering aspects of accepting these processes.

Using both the female body and voice as communication aids, thoughts concerning identity are revealed and often repel and entice the viewer simultaneously. The female body represents a universal symbol for femininity and what is ‘woman’. Projected voice is a way to externalize internal conversations concerning personally accepted standards and identity. The medium of video powerfully seduces the viewer and illustrates the passage of time. Sound, or lack of sound, plays a fundamental role in the invitation and enticement. Through the use of all of these elements in a constructed environment, the space between the private and the public are bridged while still remaining intimate.

© Christine Shank