Candace Hunter

Celestial Beings III
18 x 24 in.

Candace Hunter creates collage, paintings, installations that often interweave text. She tells stories through the use of appropriated materials from popular magazines, vintage maps, and resourced materials, offering them back to the viewer with a sense of history and admiration of the beautiful. Her mixed media artworks are sometimes applause and sometimes ranting about the effects of politics and history. By squaring off the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, she absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. This personal story-telling is important as an act of meditation and mediation.

The untold stories of enslaved peoples, of women fighting for potable water, of children who never made it home for dinner and never would again, of men sitting on death row, and of the girls of Chibok, are just some of the stories that Candace yearns to tell visually.

As plainly as the Speculative Fiction writer, Octavia Butler wrote, “I just knew there were stories I wanted to tell”, and, like Octavia, she is compelled to “write” these stories in color and shape and form.

© Candace Hunter