Bonnie Lambourn

War is Hell
acrylic on canvas
48 x 36 in.

All war – especially this unfounded war – against TERRORISM?
. . . Is
abomination, aberration, inhumanity, isolation, invisibility, nonhumanity, violation, destruction, disorder, chaos, disease, mindlessness, insanity
. . . Is
the ripping of our country
charges, propaganda, regurgitation, bombs, detonation, discharges, vomit, excrement, blood, heartless, spewed lies
. . . Is
the raping of others
fear, distrust, dishonor, racism, xenophobia, fascism, anarchy, pain, terror, violence, vulgarity, abuse, torture
. . . Is
our country as whoremonger
our country as whore
victims, numbers, body counts, burnt offerings, charred remains
All war – especially this unfounded war –
. . . Is
the raping of our country, by our country
brutality, domination, humiliation, shame, disgrace, acrid bile

© Bonnie Lambourn