Betsy Dollar

Persistent Nature Book
digital photo collage, inkjet print, folded into explosions book format, edition of six
8 x 24 in.

Louise Bourgeois implores, “Do not look for a rational treatise, life is made of experiences and emotions, the objects I have created make them tangible.”

Each of my works is a personal, emotional portrait that captures a fragment of time and feeling, impressions and dreams. Each fragment offers me an opportunity for exploration and visual documentation, but the process entails risk. The risk of telling, of making the piece accurate to the experience, and of making it visual.

Persistent Nature comes from a simple observation of my new surroundings. Now that I live in the heart of an urban area I am struck by man’s relentless attempts to control and contain the earth’s rhythms and processes. I say an inner cheer for mother nature with every square of concrete cracked by emerging tree roots and plants in my carefully gridded neighborhood. This little book captures that sentiment.

© Betsy Dollar