Bethan McFadden

Growth of the Soil (2013)
graphite on paper
29 x 14 in.

I am inspired by nature. I work with animals/plants/landforms, which I study and attempt to mentally ‘inhabit’. I create drawings based on the emotions and sensations I feel whilst doing so. This results in art that questions everyday perceptions of the natural world, and may be figurative or abstract.

My art is socially engaged. In recent years I have been working on projects to raise awareness of environmental issues and animal rights, including creating two exhibitions of endangered animals, and undertaking a residency in Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi wild animal refuge in Bolivia, where I created drawings of the animals to sell to raise funds for the organization, and created a sculptural piece to take to an eco festival in Peru to help raise awareness of their work.

I want my drawings to provoke reflection on human interactions with non-human animals and the natural environment in which they live, at a time when much of it is under threat.