Ashley Colbert

oil on canvas
60 x 30 in.

My work is an inquiry into psychological spaces. I create topographical territories that serve as portals or passageways into another state of mind that the viewer can inhabit. Placed within the midst of the terrain, the viewer is held captive and transfixed by patterns of surfaces and its ruptures.

Representing textiles allows me to be abstract and obsessive. This subject matter forces me to use a wide variety of marks which, in solidarity, are unrecognizable; however, like the individual threads within fabric, each mark is needed to complete the final work. We interact with fabric daily and it helps to describe our psyche; it both conceals and reveals. Alike to blinds, it reveals what’s on the other side of the ‘window’.

My hope is that the the works provide an ambient space for the viewer to look internally and gain their own level of understanding of themselves.

© Ashley Colbert

(Note: artwork will not be on exhibit)