Alison Luoma

Oops (Spill)
Fiberglass, Bondo
14 x 30 x 24 in.

My work mutates the fantasies acquired from pop culture. By exaggerating common domestic objects with sexually pronounced forms, my sculptures illustrate a distorted fantasy that simultaneously addresses social and carnal desire. My work forces the real, sexual, and sensual experiences that we have with our socially imperfect bodies, to infiltrate a public atmosphere. By using seductive materials I simulate the softness of skin, the bulge of a bloated belly, or the pucker of an orifice, because these things transcend the cliché of popular culture. By pairing this vulnerable aesthetic with domesticated products, I hope to enhance the desirability of the objects, and introduce the realities of the body into the fashionable world.

© Alison Luoma