Adrianna Clark

Sisters’ Keeper #1 (2017)
digital photography
30 x 23 in.

My experience as an educator influences and informs my photographs and instigates my willingness to explore and learn new techniques. Driven by a feminist perspective and wanting to ensure more than adequate representation of the female gaze, I am a firm believer in the human right of women being able to express and display themselves in whatever ways they feel the need to, without having to consider their safety in a male-dominated world. I don’t believe women should have to edit themselves, or how they live their lives, in ways to make men more comfortable. I don’t believe a double standard should exist.

Drawing inspiration from conversations with women of the African diaspora about life, love, and living, I capture my subjects in natural light. My intention is to capture their natural beauty, so I use a nominal amount of retouching and Photoshop, choosing instead to embrace what some would call imperfections. I see every individual in my lens as a muse.

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