Carol Elliott

Traditional Female Sphere
wire, pearls, jewels, glass beads
28 x 14 x 14 in.

I’ve practiced art form an early age on. (We all do. Some of us just learn to quit sooner.) I’m still practicing (slow learner, I suppose). As a kid my allowance bought Tootsie Rolls at the drug store and I made them into creatures of my daydreams, then I ate them. Leftover scraps of building supplies were used for forts, castles and dreams. Then they’d become “fire hazards” and my mother would get rid of them, usually by burning. I arranged food on my plate and would hear. . . “Quit playing with your food!” I crushed white bread and molded it into shapes and rolled liver into balls (mostly just to avoid eating it). I’ve seen patterns in nature all my life. I’ve imitated and copied those in my art studies. Now I’m working out the stories in my head. My artwork has just matured to display my immature nature. I can’t help it. I just want to have fun, with my art, with my audience, with my purpose, and I hope that my viewers do too.

© Carol Elliott