Victoria Fuller

Three Graces (2017)
3D printed plastic
12 x 8 x 8 in.

I created Three Graces as a sculpture model, when I was an a finalist for art commission.

Ancient Greco Roman “Three Graces” were muses assisting in art, music, theater and dance. Festivals, in their honor had literary, musical and drama contests.

My own androgynous, abstract design of a human figure called Curlyman, or Curlywoman, isn’t sourced from any one culture, but is inspired by many cultures. The bent and woven overlapping loop lines forming the head, arms and legs are inspired by line drawings and diagrams of dance movement, and from abstracted human forms from different cultures.

I have combined 3 Curly people together, to form a triad, hands touching, seemingly in dance or celebratory congregation.

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