Valerie Wahna

Lady Slipper
woodcut and painting digital print mounted on wood
16 x 16 in. | $200

Valerie Wahna is an interdisciplinary artist whose works incorporate multiple mediums and influences form fine arts and graphic design. Originally from Ohio, she graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in printmaking. She taught at Kent State while pursuing her MFA and then spent her corporate career working in store design at larger US-based retailers. Valerie has had several solo exhibits and group show regionally and currently lives, teaches, and creates art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The influence of printmaking is still a strong part of her process; not in the most traditional sense, but in the application approach. She often scans traditional woodcuts or painting that are then digitally incorporated with her photography, in a process that mimics printmaking with multiple plates to create an image. Her paintings involve the same type of layering techniques to achieve depth and focus. The sculptural piece features a deconstructed home to address the futility of domestic perfection in lieu of basic nurturing and acceptance.

© Valerie Wahna