Suzanne Gorgas

Pattern 1 – want is not a qualification, need has no significance (72 hours)
ballpoint pen and graphite on paper.
39 x 51 in.

Wittgenstein said that “What can be said at all can be said clearly, what cannot be said we must pass over in silence”. My current body of work does not argue that point, it does however, make manifest the sound of that passing over, of that reverberation inherent of silence, of that very loud and present sound of silence itself.

The work submitted for this show is part of that manifestation. Language, text reiterated into oblivion, that which cannot be said clearly…that which exists as silence given a visual structure that speaks of its content by not revealing its content, which becomes its content; a letter written in red ink and soaked in salt water leaving nothing but a weak backwards print of itself on a blank page, a phrase repeated by the hand for 72 hours, weaving itself into near illegibility through pattern, or a eulogy for a stranger made up of self underlined words from a group of texts once belonging to that unknown entity, that absent present written over themselves until they become visual static. Writing itself does not exist outside of the presence of absence; it begins in that absence, my work is no different.

© Suzanne Gorgas