Suzanne Forbes

Unterwegs – Tender Couple On The Platform (June 2, 2019)
ink, marker, conte crayon, graphite on paper
11.69 x 8.27 in.

My name is Suzanne Forbes and I am a queer, disabled crowd-funded documentary artist. My early career as a courtroom artist gave me skills to rapidly capture the likenesses of moving people and my kinda messy life has given me a passion for documenting human stories.

Since 2005 I have made thousands of drawings, live, in-person, of people and their interactions. I strive for inclusion and representation. I love intimacy, sexuality and authentic gender expression, and many of my drawings are made at sex parties, drag shows, indie porn shoots and fetish balls. But I also truly love to draw everyday human connection on public transit.

This work is from a series of recent Berlin public transit drawings, called “Unterwegs.” I love to see how people touch each other in public, and what stories those touches tell.

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© Suzanne Forbes