Noreen Dean Dresser

Prairie Painted Lady
acrylic, burned grasses, US postage stamp on canvas board
7 x 5 in.

California Butterfly
acrylic, burned wood, ash, US postage stamp on canvas board
5 x 7 in.

Couriers of Our Natures – Human choices are consuming the natural world at unprecedented rate.

I have seen nature’s scream with storm winds, rain, flooding, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes across the continental expanse. Plants are striped, seeds are altered, all in the biosphere must yield to our definitions of productivity. The unceasing profit fills the known world with garbage and plastic down to the molecular level. We war against nature. How we live now drives devastation.

The idealized American vision captured on Government stamps are in tension with today’s specific destruction on these postcard canvases.

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© Noreen Dean Dresser