Maki Hajikano

Ambiguous Border #3
cast glass
9.5 x 4.5 x 1 in.

These works depict a dichotomy between the characteristics of line and orderliness. The outside border of the sculptures demonstrates explicit lines that define the shape and existence of the material as an object fashioned into abstract forms. Whereas, the implicit lines that form, where the two colors of glass blend together, create an ambiguous atmospheric quality within the unyielding form of the sculptures. This phenomenon resembles the paradox we often discover within ourselves; one that is also not only within our society but that also drives it. Thus, the use of an abstract style, rather than representational style, is quite a fitting style to express my thoughts. The abstract offers a starting point for the viewer instead of offering a resolution; there is room for the viewer to take their own journey, one that invites contemplation. In addition, the ambiguous lines provide the idea of the existence or definition itself; whether we can always define the absolute definition or existence in our life. The relatively quiet countenance of the work is also very suitable, since silence is a quite power, one that is as commanding as strong voices and words.

© Maki Hajikano