Magdalene Gorecki-Eisenberg

Triumphant Scar
20 x 20 in.

Conception, pregnancy, birth…motherhood. The scar I now bear is a separation of public and private. It is an outward sign of change, of process, of an evolution. It is the door that took my son from me and made him public. The physicality of birth moved us both into a forum from whence no privacy is pure. A textured response from the republic regarding what to do with my body and mind. A wish/yearning to shield us both from the thousand natural shocks of society obsessed with them and ill concerned with the aftermath or the barriers between.

My art has changed since the birth of my son. My priorities shift, my palette is lighter. My work, now abstract, represents the intimate process of motherhood, of joy and new understanding. Life is no longer mine alone. I made this child and I now share him with the world. On canvas he is my salvation, my private source of enthusiasm for not knowing. I don’t know but my feelings guide me in what we do and how we grow. How I grow with him, how I grow with my husband, how we survive as a family. Abstraction makes this very public process very private to me, scar or not.

© Magdalene Gorecki-Eisenberg