Madeline McNeil

bleached muslin, vintage fabrics, thread, dowel
19 x 17.5 in.

I focus on heritage, tradition, and the partnership of functionality and beauty. In homage, my pieces aim to direct thought to our fore-mothers and sisters and the industry of creation within a home. Quilting has roots in utility, but it also enables personal expression. It naturally gathers women together and creates communities. Counterintuitively, my recent work represents time spent separating from the Mormon denomination, in which I was raised. Most actively dismantling my system of hive behavior and methodical commitment. The process of de/constructing a culture is very much the same as hand sewing in that nothing is accomplished but by delicate, albeit brutal, patience.

I spend time with each shape as it is formed, composed with its counterparts, and sewn into place. The hexagon suggests ties to female work in both human and non-human contexts through its geometric strength and organic symbolism. Specifically, it implies ties to bees and the now antiquated eusocial communities once formed by humans and creatures alike. The vast repetition offers some insight to the hours invested in each hand-sewn piece. In order to focus less on decoration, I use a limited color palette. Visually, the intent is to highlight production, labor and time investment.

© Madeline McNeil