Logan Brody

Untitled (The Shell Game Series)
copper shell, microcrystalline wax

Through my work in sculpture and painting I aim to question our associations with the human body’s connection to personal, physical and observed ideas of identity. Investigating our abilities to recognize the body’s presence, surface, dissolution, or assimilation into the contained environments I create, I explore the boundaries of the human form.

Both my sculptural work and paintings make use of isolated and cropped portions of the body and contorted, fragmented images of the figure. Combinations of stark geometric forms and organic, painterly inclusions give way to a sort of mutable landscape, where flesh is able to transform into the structures that surround them, and back into active bodies once again.

Oftentimes using my own body for reference, I create work through a lens of self-examination, with the public as witness. Working this way I attempt to view my body, and by extension my self, in regards to how I perceive it to be, and how it can be perceived by others. What kind of relationships to otherness can we shape with these alien forms? And can these unsettling fragmentations be as human as the whole?