Laura Moore

Act #3
Pigment print face-mounted on acrylic in stereoscopic viewer, polished aluminium, stainless steel, glass lens; 3.3 x 7.3 x 5 in.

Looking is the end intention of any photograph and looking is loaded with substantial political implications. Through examining the parallel development of photography and the commodification of the body, I have tried to isolate certain devices and abilities of photography that facilitate the imbalance of gendered looking. I have then sought to corrupt, confuse, rearrange and recombine these devices, producing a work that might implicate the viewing subject in the consequences of their own looking. These self-portraits present my own naked body from the first person perspective, the point from which I can see myself.
Using the 3D technology of stereoscope viewers, the work demands the act of looking become an action of looking. By forcing a physical actioning in order to look at the work the viewer becomes culpable in that deed. This creates a space from which the opportune spectator can decode the visual structures that have traditionally been used to objectify and idealise the female body, and opens the field of vision to an alternative and lived feminine experience.