Kati Lambert

Cruel (2018)
ink and graphite on paper
7 x 5 in.
Jolt (2018)
pen and ink on paper
7 x 5 in.

As the daughter of a hairdresser I grew up in the presence of many women, mirrors, and hairdos. Hair is an expression of style, personality, beauty, a reflection of identity and culture. Hair is both personal and public. A woman’s hair may contribute to her self esteem, her actions and even motives: a hair cut, a buzz cut, or color change is a transformation marking a significant life event. Hair can be onerous, cumbersome, expensive, a burden, a literal handle for violence, or a political tool for expression and empowerment. As a woman and artist I am interested in examining the ways women are connected to one another. I use hair as a common denominator of our personal and public display of sisterhood.. These small drawings of a larger series tell stories of cruelty, support, loss and connection woven in and through the hair of women and girls.

© Kati Lambert