Kathy Blankley Roman

Terra No. 3
acrylics, carbon drawing media and tape on TerraSkin
28 x 20 in.

The source or inspiration for my paintings comes from words: lyrics, poetry, literature; experiences: “aha” moments, haiku moments, moments of discovery, of wonder; intense feelings. These are all tucked away as I experience them. Their essences are like echoes that appear later in some form in my work. When I finish a painting I often sense a recognition, a familiarity of some feeling or place where I’ve been or where I’d rather be. It’s become a way of “running away from home” as well as a kind of meditation.

Starting with random marks, I approach my paintings with a sense of play, experimentation and exploration of the materials, as much as by intuition and an emotional response to the painting as it progresses. Ultimately it is all about the process: becoming immersed in the moment and the physicality of engaging the surface, finding a sense of order, refuge, letting go, resolution. I would hope that viewers would respond to the dance and the meditative aspects of my work and allow themselves to be drawn into the painting to explore and experience it through their own personal filters.

© Kathy Blankley Roman