Kathy Blankley Roman

The Burning (2016)
oil, cold wax on wood panel
20 x 16 in.

My paintings are about texture, gesture and memory and often evoke a sense of place, of calm, of elements of the natural world. Words, places, feelings, the “aha” moments: things that impress me deeply are tucked away and become the reservoir that I draw from when I paint. It is the essence of my responses to these things that later appear in my work. Responding intuitively to random marks, I am driven by an exploration of the materials as much as by my emotional response to the evolving painting. Ultimately, it is all about the process and the physical act of creating: becoming the brush, responding to the surface, the visceral feeling of engaging it and then finding just the right balance between intention and intuition to bring the composition to a satisfying conclusion.