Julietta Cheung

If, And, Or, Nor, But
3D-printed nylon; 48 x 96 in.

My work deals with the negotiation between the self and society in a spatial context. Informed by my interest in modernist and experimental literature, and in the contemporary and popular uses of language, I explore my chosen source (a work of literature, a genre study, buzz terms and so on) through my role as its reader to investigate its origins, peripheries, and associations, and how I am emplaced within it. I often inhabit my source as if it is an interior landscape to examine how placement, sightlines, and perceptual relationships might bear on its subjective and socially-precipitated interpretations. Just as language and the built world are social forms that construct how we are inscribed within their borders, I use text and reference familiar cues from everyday conventions to interrogate how these forms corroborate each other to contain or disrupt our interpretive horizon. My work merges sculpture, graphics, photography and appropriative writing within installations that posit how we might understand the self and the experience of being in society differently despite the entirely designed, defined and programmed nature of our contemporary condition.