Jessica A. Maloney

digital art and mixed media
30 x 35.2 in.

The symbolic meaning of a house is the body. Over time, these structures become much more than simple architectural elements. They become a symbol of who we are. Houses soak up the human presence, become entangled in memories, eventually coming to embody the overlapping stories and spirits of those who reside in them over the years. Each house present in “Impact” is meant to represent the complex yet similar timelines of individuals. We are only on this earth for a short time and yet each of us makes an impact. We impact the lives of others and some believe we leave an impression of our spirit behind on the earth after we are gone. “Impact” talks about this brief yet lasting encounter.

The layers that build up the surface of this piece are translucent and at times partially excavated, revealing more layers beneath the exterior. The piece talks about time and the journey of the spirit. The birds in flight make a path from one house to another, one life to the next. The map lying under the surface shows that places are also embedded with the layers of time. The houses fade in some areas as well, showing that lives fade as our journeys near their end. Yet the impact we make becomes yet another layer, sometimes buried, sometimes unfolding, always present in some form.

© Jessica A. Maloney