Jane Barthès

Grounded in an intuitive, meditative process, my drawing and painting are an exploration of the matter and energy that make up form; defining that energy, through shapes and patterns and the space that they inhabit is the basis for my work. I feel a bit like a Physicist, occupying an obscure corner of science. My hope is that I can create a sense of clarity in the chaos of the universe to give shape and purpose to what the eye does not see. I remain obstinate in the belief that if I just dig deep enough, the emptiness, or negative space of a canvas might reveal the secrets of the life force itself.

I am intrigued by the idea that romance and beauty can result from chaos; opposing concepts such as poetry and math are utterly interconnected. My use of color and shapes are both bold yet restrained, just as my experiences as a global nomad are at once both wild and measured.

Sensitive to my surrounds, I also see how the work has come to reflect the exquisite urban architecture that surrounds me in Chicago. The scintillating patterns of the waters of the Chicago river reflected in the geometric, glass high-rise buildings resonate so deeply I get goose-pimples as I sense the esoteric connections between all things.

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