HengHui Tiffany Lee

Deconstruction 96-II
mixed media paper collage-pencil, paper, colored pencil, metal
20 x 16 in.

My work is based on the five basic elements: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. Each element interrelates to the other, providing a complementary, interconnected and interdependent relationship in the natural world. I transform these symbolic elements using shapes, colors and textures to create compositions that express intimate feelings about nature and life.

The work demonstrates exceptional restraint, using simple, geometric forms to create complex, abstract images. Each piece tells a story. Architectural drawings enhance the work by using repetitive lines to create abstract compositions. Layering materials mimics sections in nature. Use of mixed media, including paper, metal and wood, enhances the work. The small scale emphasizes the detail of the delicate work, conveying a message of tranquility and peace within.

© HengHui Tiffany Lee