Heather Van Wolf

View from the F Train
oil on canvas
28 x 36 x .5 in.

The landscape of our world is the dramatic counterpoint to our daily lives. Our cities are social organisms providing an intimate view into our motivations, dreams and mortality. My particular focus on the cityscape is a natural curiosity into human nature.

I am conflicted by the noble quest of man to create versus the destructive forces that accompany this drive to master the environment. With construction there is destruction. With exploration there is exploitation. Such creativity is often accompanied by crimes against nature.

I honor humankind’s drive to create and recreate. Yet with each charted victory, there are prisoners and there are casualties. Our metropolises are forever on the exhale, sustained only by the will of mankind. And the land upon which they are built lies vulnerable. That vulnerability has a voice. One that is full of beauty. And beauty inspires the idea of a rehabilitated tomorrow.

© Heather Van Wolf