Gwladys Le Roy

Callipyge I, Equilibre
watercolor on paper
12.8 x 9 in. | 16.5 x 11.7 in. printed

As seen throughout her body of work; Gwladys offers her audience a unique look into her dreamlike world. The sensuality of her work employs a variety of illustration styles that are brought to life through collage, watercolor and gouache.

She is passionate about glorifying women’s natural beauty, strength and freedom. Her sensual artwork seeks to empower women through their femininity and their human right to express their sensuality. She is always representing wild nature, mixing women figures and botanical inspiration with a spiritual approach to do an ode to the nature.

Human connexions, touch and sensuality are the foundation of her work, figures and the variety of medium she uses.
Her lonely Vénus show how spirituality is a way to face this unprecedented time, how we can use this time to get closer and more connected to the nature as well as our inner world and own bodies.

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