Corinna Button

Watching You, Watching Me, Watching
ink, acrylic and charcoal on canvas
108 x 72 in.

My work comes from an insatiable fascination with people, the masquerades, performances and dramas of daily life.

I frequently draw on disparate sources snapped out of our so-called reality and bring them together into a world of myths and ‘fairy tales’. By doing so, I intend to express something that both combines the darker aspects of life with irony and humor, as well as the ordinary with the extraordinary. I develop scenarios inspired by simple everyday situations and arrange them in a way that hints at a ‘flip’ side, a narrative or ulterior sentiment present in the background.

Recently I have been drawn to the enthroned ancient goddess figures and classic Noble heads one sees displayed in museums – isolated in glass cabinets.

Whilst staring and surveying these glazed exhibits, the faces, shadows and reflections of fellow visitor and onlookers appeared in view. All at once we were all able to watch each other and watch ourselves reflected in each other’s’ gazes.

It occurred to me that this was like a microcosm – a mini scenario in which a world obsessed with image, fame and the lives of ‘others’ could be reflected.

© Corinna Button