Christina Lovering

The Persistence Of The Peppered Moths
acrylic, pen, colored pencil, watercolor on wood panel
10 x 8 in.

Dear Earth,

I hope we can make amends.
This is how I will make amends.
To show the beauty,
To show the intention, the ingenuity, the fragility,
To show the interconnectedness Of all of us.
There must be a balance, a tension for sustained life,
And we are not exempt.
We are not beyond it all.

Yet it seems we have betrayed you,
In our hubris and our vanity,
We have forgotten.
We are interdependent.
Or rather we have denied our interdependence,
And denial is not known to make the truth any less

Dear Earth, I do know that despite all this, you will persist
Maybe not with us, But with or without us,
There will be beauty and treachery,
A new interdependence, a new world.

© Christina Lovering