Cathie Crawford

reduction woodcut print
24 x 36 in.

Sweet Earth, I have always been especially attracted to your water, seeking it out for its restorative powers. Water represents a powerful life giving force, a source of replenishment, rejuvenation, and renewed energy. Thank you Dear Earth for your waters. If we work to protect them, they will sustain us all.

Water theme images have been a constant source of inspiration throughout my printmaking career. I have also always been deeply enamored with the ever-changing hues of water, sky and land. I use color for its emotional impact.

Taking a break from my more figurative work, this reduction woodcut is more non-objective. This new direction is the converging of color, line, shape, and texture in an ambiguous space with whispers of landscape. Noumena, the opposite of phenomena, represents things understood by intellectual intuition but unperceivable by our senses. I am intuitively choosing hues from memory and imagination. Noumena expresses my concern for our environmental crisis as it affects our oceans and waterways. I can’t help but think Mother Earth is getting even, with this pandemic, for all of humanity’s abuses.

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