Catalina Bellizzi

Catalina Bellizzi (CATAPHANT) is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator based out of Chicago/San Diego whose various art forms (music, painting, writing, among others) explore the dark but beautiful areas of faith, redemption, and liberation. Ascribing to the Christian faith, her work is an eccentric exploration of what it looks like to embrace the inevitable struggle that living out faith in an inconsistent world entails. Pain, grief, uncertainty, and suffering all become vehicles for the art making process. Bellizzi often makes work about the tension of being a progressive woman within a faith community that still adheres to misogynist and patriarchal paradigm, exploring genuine spiritual encounters as resistance to those oppressive norms. Visually, Bellizzi’s work uses a combination of figurative portraiture with textured shapes and colors that symbolize the disembodied and connected pieces of a spiritual experience.

© Catalina Bellizzi