Caren Helene Rudman

Sense of Time and Place, Blue
mixed media, snapshots, acrylic on wood panel
12 x 12 in. | $300

The work from the series, Sense of Time and Place, reflects the process of grief, exploring the fragility and strength of mind and body as we are faced with mortality and loss. By using photo transfers, cut up snapshots and mixed media, I layer the complexities of memory and separation. I cut up and deconstruct my writing to piece together and link our lineage and genetic heritage. Each square of wood becomes its own step or brick as part of a greater whole, as I attempt to piece back the life she lived in connection to my own. The result is to reveal the emotional ties held in memories, often dependent on those places where we hold onto grief, both metaphorically and physically.

© Caren Helene Rudman