Bonnie Lopez

Madonna and Elmo
Virgin Sightings Series
mixed media print
7 x 5 in.

virgin: 1. free of impurity or stain 2. chaste 3. not altered by human activity 4. being used, worked, or seen for the first time 5. a person who has not had sexual intercourse 6. an unmarried women devoted to religion 7. VIRGIN MARY

“I have tried with my work, to elicit a certain response from the viewer. At first glance, the drawing appears to be a ‘classic’ interpretation of old world Madonnas and Virgins. Upon further review, the differences become obvious, and I hope, humorous.

I like to merge contemporary images with my virgins, hoping that these combinations, at first, seem perfectly natural. The longer one looks at the images, the more ‘unnatural’ they become, and in the end, the humorous aspect becomes the most obvious.

I think art should touch us on different levels. However, too often, the ‘seriousness’ of art is intimidating and even elitist. Art is for everyone and the purpose doesn’t have to be to teach, invoke a sense of public awareness or make a political statement. Art can and should be enjoyed for what sometimes is…a humorous image that makes us think about what the artist has created.”

© Bonnie Lopez