ATYL (Alexandra Lee)

Paroles (2016)
mixed media on panels – 12 x 36 inches

A interdisciplinary artist and lawyer with asylum background – Through my art, I aim to create social, cross-cultural dialogues.  With my work, I seek to change the world.

Since 2009, all my art belongs to “Project Silkworm”, a semi-autobiographical and cross-media project inspired by stories of my family’s silk farm confiscated during the Chinese communist revolution.  The repetitive construction of multiples mimics the life of the silk worm and the tasks of the silk growers.

Through lessons in silk rearing, my grandmother showed me the importance of tradition, strength in togetherness, and the empowerment of women.

“Paroles” is a part of the latest episode, “Evidence.”

Etymology of “Paroles” –

Latin parabola “comparison,”

Vulgar Latin paraula “speech, discourse,”

French parole “word, speech,”

English parole “early release of a prisoner on the promise of good behavior”.

What is a word but just a word for another word.

A word is just a word.

Let’s act!