Anna Brooke Greene

Coming Up (2020)
oil on canvas
60 x 48 in.

My work explores visual language associated with women’s overlapping identities in tandem with the conventional roles placed upon them and how this affects our lives as individuals and as a collective in society. Intricate motifs of iconography, such as floral patterning and ornate plants, reference the intersectional nature of identity and celebrate the complex interconnected nature of women. By using feminine associated mediums and imagery, such as sewing materials and flowers, I re-present the social norms of womanhood to discuss and transform how we perceive it in our contemporary culture.

As “touch” commonly refers to how we stay connected with one another, my work explores the many ways in which we are connected. I utilize arms and hands in my work for their illustration of our physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to one another. Expressive forms of extending and reaching capture the vitality and power of our many connections, which are so integral during these times.

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