Amina Daugherty

Lost & Found (2019)
resin, wood stain, copper powder, acrylic paint
13 x 13 x 14 in.

First Place Award

As an African American, I have always been keenly aware of the confusion my people have felt regarding identity. Virtually every one of us comes to a point in our lives where we start on the tumultuous journey toward reconstructing our ancestry and our identity. We are a people from Africa, but many of us do not know which region or people or country we come from. The only clarity we have comes from the stories of trauma and pain that are drilled into our heads. It is a struggle to determine who you are without a clear connection, so many times we end up pulling bits and pieces of identity from tribes, historical facts, and regions that may or may not have anything to do with us. “Lost and Found” serves as a physical representation of that struggle.

This piece is not meant to be one that is easily identified and understood; rather, it is intended to leave the viewer asking for more information about this strange artifact. By mixing elements of several different tribes and African traditions (Mursi people, Dinka people, San Bushmen, scarification, etc.), I leave viewers asking questions: Who is this woman? Where did she come from? What is her past? These questions serve as a mimicry of the confusion surrounding a people who were handed bits and pieces of their history to guide them and nothing more.

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