Audra Jacot

Precious Moments
glazed stoneware – 4 x 4 x 4 inches (each)

I work in ceramics, sculpture, technology, and light. My work celebrates the empowerment of sexuality. It responds to a repressed lineage by embracing and glorifying itself. I invite viewers to embrace their own desires as well as my own.

Tactile and erotic, clay allows me to perform and chronicle sexual gestures employed in both my artistic and personal practice. Kneading, stroking, petting, rubbing, pulling, and squeezing are but a few of the movements I use to manipulate the clay, the muddy texture in my hand simultaneously evoking childhood memories and sensual, adult feelings. As opposed to using porcelain, which is pure and pristine, I enjoy working with ‘dirty’ clay bodies. Reflecting the idea of woman as functional vessel, I treat my figurines with domestic, food-safe glazes. Ironically, white, perversely elegant Majolica glaze – a faux porcelain – renders them semen-esque. Through these techniques, I create phallocentric, yet androgynous creatures and satirically childlike, perverse Precious Moments figurines. There is also a series of characters from well-known fairy tales, that note a long history of desire and punishment.