Is There a Mother in the House?

The current state of our world might compel us to say no. The swell of women’s voices says otherwise, and how. We all come from mothers. We inhabit Mother Earth. From Mother Nature to Mother Superior, from the Mother of Invention to Motherf*@%!#, there are many forms of Mother. Fierce to funny. Domestic to mythic. This exhibit will consider them all and will run from April 13 – May 5.

Congratulations to the following artists who will be participating in the show:

Flora Calabrese
Christina Canzoneri
Alejandra Carrillo-Estrada
Leslie Cortez
Anna Drew
Karen Gubitz
Laurie Hall
Frederica Huff
Yuna Kim
Laura LeBreton
Jennifer Levine
Nesha Logan
Jennifer Lothrigel
Trina Merry
Terri Messinides
Anne Muntges
Natalie Jackson O’Neal
Asha Partyka
Cortney Phillip
Amy Pleasant
Suzannah Schreckhise
Sabine Senft
Mackenzie Sikora
Betsy Timmer
Tamara Torres
Terry Vitacco
Valerie Wahna
Elizabeth White
Beverly Whiteside
Morgan Ford Willingham
Megan Wynne