Yu Huang

I am a witness of our history. My works are records of this history and meditate on gender, war, social justice, and human existence. I endeavor to promote humanity and social and political justice through my work. My work is also constantly shaped by my knowledge and experience as an educator, art historian and curator. Curatorial and art historical training enable me to adopt an analytical view to examine my work in terms of content, design and techniques.

My body of work reflects my interest in using figurative forms to communicate my observations of the world. I am interested in realism and magical realism to convey my thoughts about issues of contemporary society. I choose portraiture and figurative forms to offer a critical view to examine my own social and political environment as an immigrant, Taiwanese American, and a minority woman artist.

I believe artists should constantly challenge themselves and explore new ways of artmaking. I experiment with different techniques, styles, and subject matters for my storytelling in my work. My knowledge in art history both the East and the West provide me with multiple perspectives in looking at art. This knowledge offer me a rich resource and a variety of techniques to incorporate into my work.

I believe the importance of continuing evolving and growing as an artist. My experiences as an immigrant, a female artist, a teacher, a curator, and an art historian have been offering me invaluable resources to draw from. I wish to continue to utilize these resources to create meaningful work in my career.

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