Vicki Ling

Vicki Ling specializes in graphite drawings on paper. She feels the simplici-ty and harmony of this medium expresses her vision of using very limited materials to develop worlds of real complexity. Working with sublime detail and a playful eye for perspective, often she incorporates images inspired by the details of architectural constructions, urban landscapes, geometric abstractions, and her own experiences. Her drawings explore the ideas of depicting temporality, fluidity and spatial complexity through the medium of graphite and by shifting fictional landscapes between two and three dimensions.

She is highly interested in the flux of today’s living environment. Transient lifestyles, demolition, renovation, architectural ruins, emotional demands, and insecurities are the common components of today’s contemporary life which she seeks to explore through her work. She observes and extracts the fragments of temporary spaces and everyday life, establishing new or-ders through visually compelling narratives in her drawings.

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