Valerie Wahna

Valerie Wahna is an interdisciplinary artist whose works incorporate multiple mediums and influences from sculpture, photography, drawing, and environmental design. Originally from Ohio, she graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in printmaking. She taught at Kent State while pursuing her MFA and then spent her corporate career working in store design at large US-based retailers. Valerie has had several solo exhibits and group shows in the Midwest. She currently lives, teaches, and creates art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“The influence of printmaking is still a strong part of my process; not so much in the most traditional sense as in process application. I make traditional woodcuts or paintings that I then scan to use over/under my photography. This mimics a printmaking process that uses multi plates to create an image. Using traditional techniques along with a digital process provides more creative freedom to experiment with layering and patterns.”

© Valerie Wahna