Sheila Lamberson

These paintings are part of the Koi Series, which celebrates the vibrant color, shape, and environments in which these fish live. Focus is given to the quality of light as it reflects off of the surface while the Koi move about, and the interplay between all 3 – Koi, environment, and light. The simplicity of the Koi fish combined with the patterns of reflected light on the water and shadows/algae growth on the bottom surface create the harmony and balance of the compositions. Utilizing complimentary color choices – orange and blue – further represents the contrast, strength, flow and ever changing nature of Koi in a pond, as in all things around us. I was first drawn to this subject while in Mexico, where the intense sunlight creates incredible patterns on the water and brings out the kinetic colors of the Koi.

The Koi represent a platform to further explore the primary aspects I am drawn to in my work: the lusciousness of oil paint, the endless color possibilities, and the physical activity of translating and capturing the gesture/energy of my subject. Shapes and imagery are simplified, creating relationships between objects. Complexities and subtleties of colors further define the space. Contrasting light and shadows are explored through use of vivid complimentary colors, abstract design principles, and compositional strategies. When I am successful, there is a lyrical quality to my work.

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