Robin Liefeld

What makes us different is also what makes us special.

As a Chicago area textile and mixed media artist, I began exploring the little voice inside me saying, “Let me speak my truth.” Primitive, whimsical children are often the vehicle for this truth. As I create, I can finally put words to my unspoken fears, trauma, and sadness – all used to bring about healing and wholeness. When exposed to the light, the darkness loses its power, creating a sense of peace.

My career as an artist was unexpected. I never thought I could paint, but during a painful season I tried painting for the first time. I was hooked. At first, I would look at other paintings and I would paint it. Then, over time I stopped looking at them and started looking within myself.

I like to create childlike characters with vibrant colors and lots of dimension. I often use recycled and found objects giving discarded items a new voice, a new place in this world. My art often encourages you to stand in your truth and to be brave in the face of challenges. My wish is to uplift and lighten the soul.

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