Payton Spinosa

Temptation & Addictions
acrylic on canvas
20 x 16 in.

My name is Payton Spinosa & I am an intuitive artist. I would describe me as the blue-eyed quiet dreamer. Like many artists, I was struggling with heartbreak, alcoholism, depression etc. Let’s say I was running away from myself and the world due to my deep heart/sensitivities. My process of my art is I silence my mind, and let my soul create the piece. My vision is to have my art help others and touch your hearts, as it does mine.

What it means for being HOME at this time for me is being safe and with family. I also feel on an emphatic level for others who may be struggling with other issues during these stay-at-home orders. I try to incorporate that and personal issues into my artwork at this time.

When painting the work, ‘Temptation and Addictions’ I was thinking of the many people who may be struggling with alcohol and drug addictions, especially during this time of COVID-19. I feel this piece creates a symbolism of pain and suffering and more towards the center is freedom.

© Payton Spinosa