Lea Basile-Lazarus

Photography has always played a major role in my work. My photographs are my sketchbook. Through my camera I document what I see and thus capture expressive moments. Through contemporary printmaking techniques and mixed media processes, I combine shapes, colors, and textures, with my shadows and images to create visual moments. These bits of time can be specifically identified, the figures are shadows of people that I have photographed, including myself, but it is up to the viewers to interpret them as they wish. My hope is that the viewer connects with the colors that are used, the textures that are explored, and the photographic images that they see. Together these elements create a unified, meaningful composition.

I also use these photographs to capture “real” moments in time. The 2016 election and the Women’s March in Chicago have truly affected me as an artist and citizen of the United States. By using contemporary lithography techniques, paint, and collage, I have been able to express my concerns through my art. The use of text is a recent addition to my work. These words are critical in reminding us not to be complacent and to always be aware and informed.

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