Kim McAninch

Consider a blank canvas, starting from scratch. I am immersed in an orchestration, a visual dance between the figurative and abstract. Each work is an invention, an organization of the markings into shapes and patterns, created with knowledge honed through a career of design, but so much is instinctual. The body of work fulfills my natural, uninhibited desire to scratch the surface in a gestural, painterly manner. The decisions come quicker, the deeper I delve. I realize the principles that will govern this piece of art will not be applicable in my next work. The next will be a journey unto its own. But for now, I am exhilarated with every mark. I scratch towards accuracy, offering more information, less detail. What perceived information used by others to sort out this piece is a literal mystery to me. What began with my tutelage long ago in drawing and printmaking has left a mark on me. I would like the viewer to consider my decisions- every scratch leading to another.

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