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Become a WMG Volunteer


Since 1992, we have relied on the valuable assistance of many volunteers to do much of the work at Woman Made Gallery. Volunteers help with show changes and assist in exhibition installations. Volunteers may commit to helping once a year at our annual Benefit Auction in April, or assist at an opening reception, or learn how to package artwork after a show ends. Volunteers gain insight and experience and learn to become more professional artists themselves.

To become a volunteer, please contact WMG at 312-738-0400 or sydney@womanmade.org and let us know your interests and any special skills you have.

Internships at Woman Made Gallery

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) offers internships of 7 to 20 hours per week. Days and times are flexible. Internships are available for a minimum three month period. Gallery Hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 12 to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m. While internships are unpaid, college credit is available.

Gallery Interns - Interns at Woman Made Gallery experience both challenging and rewarding aspects of working in a non-for profit arts environment. Most internships focus on one specific area such as communications, research, and artisan gallery. Additionally, interns are expected to assist with general administrative and exhibition installation tasks.

Thanks to Our Volunteers


We thank Mary Stoppert and Carmen M. Perez, who co-directed the Artisan Gallery from 2005 to 2009. Without their help we would not have the beautiful space they created to showcase women's crafts in such a stylish atmosphere. Carmen is teaching workshops as part of our Outreach programs and she donates extra time to make the workshops super successful. We are grateful to Margaret Denny who is our current Artisan Gallery curator, and she also helps out at Artists Receptions.

Mary Ann Anthony worked at WMG for seven years, before retiring. She continues to volunteer when it is time to change shows, and during the busy Gala event each spring. We can't imagine to be without her help and are forever grateful.

We thank Marty Bash and Karen Rechtschaffen, who are two very active volunteers. Marty has meanwhile joined the WMG Board of Directors as a major contributor, and she actively helps with editing. Karen flies south when the weather gets cold, but we have her undivided attention from spring to fall when she helps us with our membership drive.

Thank you to Deb Flagel and LuEllen Joy Giera, who co-facilitate the monthly "Her Group" session, where women meet and share their art. Deb Flagel, now an active WMG Board member, also helps installing artworks at WMG and at off-site locations, and she is actively involved with the annual WMG Gala.

We appreciate Mary King's energy, great eye, and sensibilities laying out our group exhibitions. She knows exactly what looks good next to which other artwork and in which location at our gallery space.

Thank you to Lauren Levato, an artist, poet, and former WMG Board member, who organized our poetry readings for years. That important job is meanwhile handled by Nina Corwin, who is an accomplished poet herself. Thank you Nina for doing a wonderful job. Thank you to Kurt Heintz, WMG's audio recordist who is documenting WMG's poetry events.

Our gratitude goes to a large number of volunteers who help in numerous ways in the many different areas of this very busy not-for-profit organization. They include Caitlin Andler, Brigitte Anthony, Amy Babinec, Jim Bash, Priya Bhayana, Susan Bishop, Cara Boldarini, Amber Bookenberger, Mary Jo and Norm Bowers, Aura Brickler, Monica J. Brown, Laura Callier, Melissa Carr, Mia Coffman, Alice Cooperman, Nina Corwin, Jan Deswick, Sheila M. Donovan, Jennifer Towslee Eveland, Christine Galvez, Sandra Garber, LuEllen Joy Giera, Andi Ginsburg, Kathy Greenholt, Juarez Hawkins, Emily Heap, Christa Heilman, Kelly Hensen, Angela Canada Hopkins, Alicia Howard, Lizzie Jones, Myra Kalaw, Stephanie Kluk, Karolina Kowalczyk, Kathy and Jim Kubik, Alex Lee, Danielle Marchewka, Mary Matras, Cassie Mazziotta, Teresa Melzer, Carol Metzger, Ellen Miles, Pamela Miller, Michael and Peter Minkovski, Mindy Mueller, Jenna Noble, Mary O'Connell, Elizabeth Neubauer, Kerry Obrist, Mary Jo O'Hearn, Staci Page Oien, Joan Pantsios, Louise Pappageorge, Michelle-Renee Perkins, Russell Petty, Johanna Pinasco, Julie Pitzen, Katie Principe, Barbara Puechler, Jennifer Quindry, Ann Regan, Beth Van Riper, Eva Roa, Ellen Rodman, Ashley Rootes, Caren Rudman, Emmet Scales, Laura Sherman, Emilia Soroczynska, Cynthia Staples, Susan Steinfeldt, Whitney Stoepel, Sara Stubblefield, Jere Van Syoc, Pearlie Taylor, Stephanie El Tawil, Christine Towner, Barb Twardzik, Sharon Uselman, Bette Vidina, Annamarie Vitek, Cassandra West, Gail Willert, Tamasha Williams, Jackie Witkowski, Jean Wypychowski, and Nicki Xenakis. We are truly grateful for the amazing devotion of so many generous supporters.

This page gets updated regularly to include new volunteers and those we missed.

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