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Lang Kelly


Thank You

Woman Made Gallery is supported in part by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency; a CityArts grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events; the Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development, a donor-advised fund of the Chicago Community Trust; the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation; The Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund; a major anonymous donor; and the generosity of its members and contributors.

Please make an extra commitment to Woman Made Gallery by contributing to the Beate Minkovski Legacy Fund in addition to your year-end gift to the Gallery. During this key period of transition, gifts donated to The Legacy Fund will be used to create necessary operating reserves for the Gallery, ensuring that Staff and the Board of Directors have the resources they need to continue to expand the impact of Woman Made Gallery and its mission.

Make Your Individual Donation to Woman Made Gallery Here! Thank You!

Beate Minkovski Legacy Fund
Please donate to the Beate Minkovski Legacy Fund established in honor of Beateā€²s planned retirement in 2014. Money raised will provide an operating reserve to sustain WMG through the transition to a new Executive Director. Our objective is to raise between $50,000 and $75,000. All donations $250 and above will be recognized via a visual art thank you piece at the Woman Made Gallery.
Alizarin: $10,000 and above
Emerald: $5000 to $9999
Ultramarine: $2500 to $4999
Gold Ochre: $1000 to $2499
Vermillion: $500 to $999
Cerulean: $250 to $499
Chartreuse: $100 to $249
Viridian: $50 to $99
Magenta: up to $49

Thank you Legacy Fund Contributors:

Emerald: David B. Sykes Family Foundation
Gold Ochre: Suzanne Massey, Marty and Jim Bash,Pamela Callahn, Gail Holmberg, Mary Keefe, Bobbi Meier, Janet Snow-Godfrey
Vermillion: Jean Cozier, Patricia R. Davis, Tammi Franke, Andrea Ginsburg, Linda Hillman, Susan Ifergan, Margo Jeanchild, Wilma Stevens
Cerulean: Jan Brown Checco, Anne Corwin Taft, Morgan Mills Blank, Patricia Callahan, Virginia Krueger, Kathleen Meskill, Anita Nagler, Jean Nerenberg, Sandra Perlow, Julie Pitzen, Linda Erf Swift, Frances E. Tuite, Annette Turow, Sharon Uselman, Babette Wainwright, Kathleen Waterloo
Chartreuse: Janet Bloch, Diane Cooper, Vicki Curtis and Bill Siavelis, Jan Flapan, Andrea and Dick Ginsburg, Pearl Hirshfield, Fujiko Isomura, Anita Jenke, Cherry Rahn, Carol Rizzolo, Mary Ross Taylor, Shirley Senior Sallas, Carmen Perez and Mary Stoppert, Kathy Weaver, Charles Yager
Viridian: Carol Augustine, Mary Ellen Croteau, Sandra Holubow, Peggy Lipschutz, Bert Menco, Corinne Peterson, Doni Silver Simons,
Magenta: Ina Beierle, Sharon Bourke, Elsie Kay Harris, Lois Keller, Roberta Miles, Felicia Grant Preston, Patricia Terrell-O'Neal

We extend our gratitude to the following individuals and businesses:

Roberta Reb Allen, Mary Ann and John Anthony, Carol Augustine, Barbara Barnard, Marty and Jim Bash, Ellen Wade Beals, Andrea Bempong, Ann Berg, George von Huene and Cali Bergold, Kathy Bergold, Janet Bloch, Karen Boehning, Cairy Brown, Fran Bull and Robert Black

BFF Bikes

Jo-Anne Cairo, Pamela Callahan, Patricia Callahan, Peyton Callahan, Pamella and Alfredo Capitanini, Jacquelyn E. Carducci, Rebecca Carlins, Jan Brown Checco, Ashton Clay, Elaine Collina, Diane Cooper, Jean Cozier, Vicki Curtis and Bill Siavelis.

PR Davis, Kathy Deane, Karen Deighan, Byron Delman, Patricia Devine-Reed, Laurel Dorr, Dorothy Ellesin-Janus, Eilts & Associates, Sherry Emery, Diana H. Fagan, Ingrid Fassbender, Jan Feldman, Marcia Fensin, Tammi Franke and Markus Giolas, Mallory and Kenneth Frjelich.

Patricia Karen Gagic, Galganov & Associates, Bettina B. Gedney, Gensler, Andrea and Dick Ginsburg, Carrie Giordano, Rachel Goodstein, Nicole Gotthelf, Kathy Greenholdt, Paula Greer, Rosemary Griesmer, Marcia Grubb.

Timothy Hart, Kelly Hensen, Barbara Herring, Candice Hickman, Linda and John Hillman, Pearl Hirshfield, Gail Holmberg, Jan Foust Hurt, Susan and Charles Ifergan, Setsuko Isomura, Anita Jenke, ITW Foundation, Margo Jeanchild, Kathleen Joleaud.

Ursula Kammer-Fox, Susan L. Karkomi, Catherine Keebler, Mary Keefe and Bob Scales, Carla Kennedy, Dianne Lancia, Claudia Langman, Andrea Leets, Catherine MacCarthy, Suzanne Massey, Carol McDonald, Julia McLemore, Bobbi Meier, Mary Meyer, Jeanine Meola, Valentin Michov, Beate and Michael Minkovski, Noel Moore, Jeanna Moyer.


Jean Nerenberg, Mona O'Connor, Brenda Oelbaum, Lelaine Lim Paik, Louise Pappageorge, Sandra and Michael Perlow, Laurel Potkul, Susan Pritzker, Sri Reddy, Ann Regan, Carol Rizzolo, Sally Ruddy, Martin E. Schmidt, Janet Schumacher, Sandra Sheagren.

Lorna Shepard, Joyce Simon, Rebecca Sive and Steve Tomashefsky, Jan Snow-Godfrey, Leslie Sobel, Monica Staco, Tania W. Stepanian, Wilma Stevens, Amy Stoeffler and Ralph Lauterbach, Linda Erf Swift, David B. Sykes Family Foundation, Ginny Sykes, Elena Aguirre and Jacob Sznajder

Anne Corwin Taft, Mary Ross Taylor, Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, Frances E. Tuite, Sharon Uselman, Babette Wainwright, Linda Warren, Erin Waser, Kathleen and Dan Waterloo, Gary E. Waters, Kathy Weaver, Christy Webber Landscapes, Cleo Wilson, Sallie Wolf, Ted Wolff, Charles Yager, Alison Zehr.

Arts Work Fund
Efroymson Family Fund
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
We thank our Art Angel, an anonymous donor who contributes generously and repeatedly through Harris Bank.
Thank You
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