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S L I D E†††R E G I S T R Y


Artwork by Mary Barnes-Gingrich

We have maintained a slide registry since many years, but have decided to phase out this service to our members because of lack of interest by the public, curators, educators and collectors. With the popularity of the Internet and thousands of art images readily available for viewing on our website, a visit to the Gallery to physically sift through the slide registry is becoming a thing of the past.

As the interest in viewing 'slides' is diminishing, the request to contact artists who are exhibiting in our juried shows and solo exhibitions, and those in our Online Registry is increasing.

One of the places in Illinois that still maintains an active slide registry in their efforts to promote the art by members is the Chicago Artist Coalition. Please contact them if your are interested to have your work included.

Professional Slides

Even though entering exhibitions with digital files is gaining popularity, there are still galleries that prefer slides. Here are some tips about slide quality:

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having great slides. If you are serious about exhibiting your work, invest in professionally done slides by a recommended photo house or photographer. Ask to see samples of slides of artwork before you set up a shoot. There are many photographers who do not specialize in this kind of work. They may charge you a lot of money for an unsatisfactory job.

Sample Slide

Jurors agree that sending the maximum amount of slides requested increases your chances of getting in shows. Don't send more than the requested amount either. Some artists send 2 to 5 details of a piece of art. In this case we reserve the right to choose any one detail. This puts the artist at a disadvantage because someone else (sometimes itís a volunteer) chooses which slides will be viewed.

Never send loose slides. It is very unprofessional. Slides should be sent in a plastic slide sleeve. Cut the sleeve to fit the number of slides you are sending. Do not jam a full size slide sheet into a tiny envelope!

Never send in your last slide when submitting for an exhibition and always include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of slides that were not accepted into a show. Galleries might keep the slides of accepted work for their records.

Note: If you would like to try shooting your own slides, write to the Chicago Artist's Coalition, 70 E. Lake St. Suite 230, Chicago, IL 60601 for their informative brochure "Photographing Your Art Work".

(image) 'Women Orchestral Musicians Series: Symphony Nr. 1, The Four Women Violists of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,' oil on linen, 50 x 72 inches by Mary Barnes-Gingrich from the Pure Painting group exhibition

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